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Thursday, 23.05.2024 05:34  Minsk

Health resorts of - Balneolecheniya - Health resorts in Belarus price 2024
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(Minsk region)
Swimming pool
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Directions of the treatment Balneolecheniya

General information Balneolecheniya

Balneolecheniya is situated in Pervomaiski district of Minsk.

Balneolecheniya - general information:

  • foundation year - 1983
  • reconstruction year - 2009
  • category on attestation results: first (health resort)
  • check-in:
    • check-in at: 08:00
    • check-out at: 21:00
    • nights (morning check-in, check-out in the evening of the 12th day)
  • area square - 2.7 hectares, is guarded by the MIA non-departmental security service
  • Balneolecheniya is at the distance: city Minsk - in
  • geographical coordinates - 5355.064' N, 2737.684' E

Balneolecheniya - accomodation:

floors: 3
elevator:there is
transitions:there is
floors: 1
elevator:there isn't
transitions:there is
floors: 5
elevator:there is
transitions:there is
floors: 2
elevator:there isn't
transitions:there is
scheme of territory

Schedule of administrative and rescue services

 Balneolecheniya - Reception
  • Administration: 08:00 - 17:00, days off: Su
  • Reception desk: 07:30 - 20:00, days off: Su
  • Nurse on duty: 08:00 - 20:00, days off: Su
Payment by electronic card
 Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, MIR - medical proccedures

Photo - Video Balneolecheniya

Actions Balneolecheniya

Rooms and rates Balneolecheniya

Availability Balneolecheniya

Availability by months – Balneolecheniya

May - 2024Jun - 2024Jul - 2024Aug - 2024Sep - 2024Oct - 2024Nov - 2024Dec - 2024
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Reception children Balneolecheniya

Conditions for the admission of children: Children are accepted for treatment: from 7 years old
See conditions of admission of children in all health resorts of Belarus

Medical treatment Balneolecheniya

Natural factors of treatment
The schedule of medical procedures:
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
08:00-20:00 08:00-20:00 08:00-20:00 08:00-20:00 08:00-20:00 08:00-13:30 -
Clinic and diagnostic centre (medical services and equipment) is situated in the building(s): balneary, therapeutic mud bath, polyclinic, building for exercise therapy

diagnostic rooms

Clinical laboratory
biochemical, general clinical, hormonal, hematological, cytological, histological, bacteriological, tumor markers
X Colposcopy
electrocardiography mashine
X Electropuncture diagnostics and SU-JOCK acupuncture
IVDS, rectosigmocolonoscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, urease breath test
Functional diagnostics
X Gastroenteroscopy
Holter monitoring
daily monitoring of electrocardiogram and blood pressure
OBP, ultrasound of the BCA, thyroid gland, breast, OMT, ECHO-KG, ultrasound of the veins of the lower and upper extremities, joints
Multix Pro

functional diagnostics modes

laboratory diagnostics modes

medical base

classical acupuncture, pharmacoreflexotherapy, auriculotherapy, electroacupuncture
Apparatus massage
Ormed Relax, CGM-1101 CERAGEM, massage chair
Beauty salon
aesthetic, neoplasm removal, hardware, injection, phototherapy, photorejuvenation, laser rejuvenation, dermatoscopy, trichoscopy
Buvet of mineral water
Carboxy therapy
device InCO2 (2 units)
X Cardiology
Compressive therapy
Lympastim (2 units)
Contrast baths
Cosmetic wrapping
in thermoblanket chocolate, grape's and etc.
local - device Cryo-6
Dentist's room
Dry aqua massage
device Agua Massage
Dry backbone traction
couch Eltrac
Dry carbonic acid gas bath
Reabox (4 baths)
X Electro mud cure (galvanic mud cure)
devices Iskra-1, Potok-1, UZT MedTeco, UZT Sonopuls, Ultrasonic, Radius, Refton
Four-chambered (four cell) galvanic baths
Istra-4K (1 unit)
apparatus Aeromed ASA-01.03
power trainers, treadmill, cardio ellipsoid
Gynecological mineral water irrigation
Gynecological room
examination, ultrasound of the breast and OMT, cytology, setting and extraction of DMS, RVC, colposcopes with a video system
Hirudotherapy (leech)
(10 units)
Infrared sauna
Inhalatorium (aerosol therapy)
inhalers Microlife (2 units), Galoneb
Kinesio taping
Laser therapy
Magnet therapy
devices Ortospok, Unispok, Almag-02, Avantron, Turbotron
Manual massage
Manual therapy
including manual diagnostics
Medical rooms of other doctors
urologist, gynecologist, rheumatologist, surgeon, therapist, neurologist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, ENT specialist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, psychotherapist, physiotherapist, reflexologist
Mineral baths
(10 baths)
Mini-sauna Cedar barrel
3 units
Mud baths
couches (11 units), Saka, sapropel mud
X Naphtalan therapy
baths with emulsion Naftalan oil (1 unit)
X Orthopedics
orthopedic trauma consultation
Modula (2 units)
Oxygen therapy
oxygen cocktails
X Pantotheraphy
Paraffin ozokerite therapy
couches (6 units)
Pearl baths
(10 baths)
lamp Bioptron
X Phytotherapy
Procedure unit
X Psychotherapy
psychotherapist consultations
Radon baths
- (3 units)
Rehabilitation capsule
SunSpectra-9000 (1 unit)
Standard baths
(10 baths)
Therapeutic douches
Therapeutic physical training
dumbbells, balls, wall bars, gymnastic sticks
Therapeutic stream douche
shower rostrum Vuoksa
X Turpentine baths
- (2 units)
Underwater backbone traction
Underwater douche-massage
Vod-56, Geyser, Atlanta
examination, digital examination of the pancreas, massage of the pancreas to collect pancreatic juices, taking swabs from the urethra, testing for IPPP
Water aerobics
Wave therapy
shockwave therapy, device ShockMaster 500 (2 units)

There are following specialists

Complex therapeutic programs

Download price list of medical services

Meals Balneolecheniya

  • The dining-hall is located in

Balneolecheniya - meals type:

Swimming pool Balneolecheniya

 Balneolecheniya - Swimming pool  Balneolecheniya - Swimming pool  Balneolecheniya - Swimming pool  Balneolecheniya - Swimming pool
  • Swimming pool
    88 m², 118 m, with mineral water, balneary building

    Infrastructure Balneolecheniya

    - included in the price
    - included in the price, the limit is reached at an additional cost
    - for the additional price
     Balneolecheniya - Automated purpose of medical procedures Automated purpose of medical procedures
     included in the price
     Balneolecheniya - Automatic cash terminal (ATM) Automatic cash terminal (ATM)
     ATM Belarusbank, clinic building, ground floor
     Balneolecheniya - Beauty salon Beauty salon
     masks, cleaning, massage
     Balneolecheniya - Buffet Buffet
     16 places, polyclinic, ground floor, 09.00 - 19.00, Mon - Fri; 09.00 - 13.00, Sat; day off - Sun
     Balneolecheniya - Drugstore Drugstore
     polyclinic, balneary, ground floor
     Balneolecheniya - For disabled people - rampant For disabled people - rampant
     included in the price
     Balneolecheniya - Parking Parking
     unguarded, for 10 cars
     Balneolecheniya - Pay-phone Pay-phone
     for the additional price
     Balneolecheniya - Payment by electronic card Payment by electronic card
     Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, MIR - medical proccedures
     Balneolecheniya - Solarium Solarium
     1 vertical solarium, 1 horizontal solarium
     Balneolecheniya - Swimming pool Swimming pool
     88 m², 118 m, with mineral water, balneary building
     Balneolecheniya - loak-room loak-room

    Additional services Balneolecheniya

    1. attending solarium /10.2min
    2. attending workout facility /1hr
    3. parking /2hr

    Prices for services are shown for reference at the time of arrival, price list may change

    Excursions, leisure Balneolecheniya

    Pastime ans leisure organisation
    • No animation and parties organized, no excursions offered 

    The address, how to get there Balneolecheniya

    Address Balneolecheniya:

    220114 Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Makaenka Str, 17.

    The public transport in Balneolecheniya

    • from Moscow to Minsktrains depart daily from Moscow to Minsk;
    • from St. Petersburg to Minsktrains depart daily from St. Petersburg to Minsk;
    • from Minsk further to the metro station Moskovskaya, further by buses 13, 35, 64 to a final stop of Makayonka; from metro station Vostok by trolley buses 41, 42, bus 27 to a stop Parnikovo-teplichnyj kombinat.
    The administration of the company is not responsible for schedule changes of public transportation.

    Transport shedule Balneolecheniya:

    Travel to by car Balneolecheniya:

    • Polotsk-Minsk (about 225 km):
      On motorway 46 (Lepel-Polotsk-border of Russia (Yuhovichi)) to Lepel (about 70 km); On highway 3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Minsk (about 155 km)
    • Vitebsk-Minsk (about 280 km):
      On highway 3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Minsk (about 280 km)
    • Minsk (from Ry Station) - medical center "Rehabilitation and balneal therapy" (about 9 km):
      On avenue of Independence (towards a ring road); to the right, on street Makayonka to the medical center "Rehabilitation and balneal therapy" (street Makayonka, 17).

    Taxi Balneolecheniya

    Free online booking and payment on the fact, quickly, safely, comfortably

    Taxi ( for 4 persons price per car):
    The order of the car for you date and time, meeting at a car of a train, the bus or in a hall of arrivals, help with luggage and currency exchange. The price - for all car in independence of number of passengers.

    9km city Minsk 13,50 BYN book
    81km city Molodechno 89,10 BYN book
    83km Minsk International Airport 107,90 BYN book
    87km city Borisov 113,10 BYN book
    152km city Baranovichi 197,60 BYN book

    Location on the map Balneolecheniya

    Rating Balneolecheniya

    Rating 9.4/10 calculated over the last 6 years on the basis of 25 customer profiles

    Value for money

    Feedback from customers Balneolecheniya

    Russia, Moscow   Arrival date 16-October-2023

    , , , , . , , .

    Belarus, Minsk   Arrival date 29-May-2023


    Belarus, Minsk   Arrival date 06-February-2023


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