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Health resorts of Belarus.by - Photoepilation - Health resorts in Belarus price 2020
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Photoepilation - a modern method of removing unwanted hair on body using light. This painless method is used to remove hair of any color and texture.
remove hair virtually any color and texture.
The operating principle of hair removal is based on the impact of the pulsed light sources on the melanin, which containes in the hair follicles. Follicle heats up and destroyed by affecting of light on the hair. But it should be noted that only hair in a growth phase can be removed. Hairs, that at the time of the procedure are in the resting phase, will pass in the active phase and reappear on epilate skin again after some time.
It's usually necessary to take 4-8 procedures to achieve stable results, depending on the structure of hair and its color. But even after the first treatment hair becomes thinner and more sparse.
You should know that after the hair removal within a month you should avoid excessive exposure to UV light on the skin (use sunscreen with a high protection factor and not visit a solarium).

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