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Health resorts of Belarus.by - Percutaneous electroneurostimulation - Health resorts in Belarus price 2020
Health resorts in Belarus

Percutaneous electroneurostimulation

Percutaneous electroneurostimulation (TENS) is the impact of the painful area of the body is very short (20500 ms) current pulses with a frequency of 2 to 400 Hz. The main therapeutic effect - analgesic. For short-pulse electroanalgesia use of mono-and bipolar pulses are rectangular and triangular shapes, usually served in series of 20-100 pulses.
Orderly flow of rhythmic impulses arising in the course of the procedure, able to excite neurons of the posterior horns of the spinal cord and block their level of pain information. Some contribution to the analgesic effect of TENS and makes it caused increased local blood flow, activation of the protective properties of fabrics.
Percutaneous electroneurostimulation indicated for the treatment of pain syndromes of different origin, especially acute: pathology of the nervous system (radiculitis, neuritis, neuralgia, phantom pain, causalgia) and musculoskeletal (epicondylitis, arthritis, bursitis, sprains, sports injuries, fractures bones).

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