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Tourist tax - Asipovichy district

The Decision Asipovichy
Regional council of deputies
November 18, 2015 number 12-4

The establishment and introduction of tourist tax

On the basis of Article 12 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus Osipovichi District Council of Deputies decided:
  1. Payers of resort gathering are recognized individuals, with the exception of those allocated to rehabilitation and spa treatment for free in accordance with the legislation.
  2. From the tourist tax are exempted invalids, pensioners, children under 16 years, students of institutions of secondary, vocational, secondary special and higher education, vocational education (full-time education).
  3. The object of taxation is recognized resort gathering finding of the physical person in the sanatorium and improving organizations located on the territory of Osipovichi district.
  4. The tax base of the tourist tax is determined based on the value of vouchers for spa and wellness organization.
  5. Tax rate of tourist tax is established in size 5 percent tax base.
  6. Tourist tax shall be calculated as the product of the tax base and resort collection rates.

Given instruction operates in
health-improving center "Talka"
health resort for children "Svisloch"

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