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Health resorts of Belarus.by - Mokrany - Domanove customs border - Health resorts in Belarus price 2020
Health resorts in Belarus

Mokrany - Domanove customs border

The entry point Mokrany - Domanove customs border Belarus - Ukraine.

All entry points across the state border of the Republic of Belarus

Mokrany - Domanove

The border crossing station Mokrany - Domanove is situated in Brest region, Malorita district, village Mokrany. The republican customs clearance point - CCP Mokrany (customs house service hours is 24 h) is located in this entry point across the state border. The specialization of CCP Mokrany - the customs operations connected with import, export and customs registration of the goods moved through customs border in the international automobile communication, including moved by individuals for private use, and also vehicles in the international transportation.

The entry point Mokrany - Domanove is located at the Belarusian side at border crossing station Mokrany - Domanove, it is one of the entry points of Belarus and the entry point Domanove in Ukraine has the interstate status. It is intended for crossing of citizens of any country and stateless person.
The entry point capacity of Mokrany is 1800 cars, 160 lorries, 70 buses per day in both directions. The entry point capacity of Domanove is about 2000 vichiles of the mixed time. It is necessary to drive on the highway M-12 Brest-Mokrany.

The entry point Mokrany - Domanove is intended for implementation of the following control types:

  • boundary,
  • custom,
  • automobile,
  • sanitary-quarantine,
  • herbal-sanitary,
  • veterinarian.

The served directions. Odessa, Kiev, Brest, Warsaw, Prague, Baltic States. Route extent through the entry point Mokrany-Domanove is Odessa-Vilnius 1339 km; Kiev - Brest 579 km; Odessa - Klaipeda 1611 km, Warsaw Kiev 783 km. Kiev Prague 1483 km, Lviv - Moscow 1321 km.

The nearer entry points are:

  1. International entry point Oltush - 43 km Malorita on the route P-17.
  2. International entry point Divin - 27 km through Novosyolka on the highway M-12. Only for citizens of Belarus and Ukraine.
There are queues on border. Turn length before entrance to the entry point Mokrany to departure from the entry point Domanovea in peak days can be to 3 km, and a waiting time till 10 o'clock. The average waiting time in turn can vary from 1 to 3 hours. Time of crossing border on the average makes from 2 hours. Speed of crossing border with Ukraine on the car depends on holidays, date and time. During the season of summer holidays and on the eve of big holidays, and also other days it is possible to use nearest entry point acsoss the state border of Ukraine and Belarus if to learn the queue on the border online.

All entry points across the state border of the Republic of Belarus

The location of the entry point Mokrany - Domanove on a map:

View The border crossing station Mokrany - Domanove Belarus - Ukraine on a larger map

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