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Pererov - Belovezha border customs

Checkpoint Pererov - Belovezha border customs of Belarus - Poland.

All entry points across the state border of the Republic of Belarus

Pererov - Belovezha Checkpoint Pererov - Belovezha is located in Pruzhany district of Brest region in village Pererov.
Checkpoint Pererov - Belovezha is located on the Belarusian side on border crossing point Pererov - Belovezha near village Pererov in Pruzhany district of Brest region. It is one of the crossing points of Belarus and by the Poland checkpoint Belovezha has an international status. This item is designed to cross the border on foot or on bicycles citizens of any country and stateless persons. It has the pedestrian nature of international posts.
Bandwidth of checkpoint Pererov is up to 400 people a day.
The length of the border crossing is 2 km away.

Checkpoint Pererov - Belovezha is designed to perform the following types of control:

  • border,
  • custom.
Served destinations: Belostok, Warsaw, Berlin: Brest - Warsaw, Vitebsk - Warsaw, Gomel - Warsaw, Minsk - Warsaw, Moscow - Warsaw, Gomel - Warsaw, Vitebsk - Warsaw. Additional directions: Cracow, Wroclaw, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava: Brest - Prague, Vitebsk - Prague, Prague-Gomel, Minsk - Prague, Moscow - Prague

. The nearest border crossing points are:

  1. The international crossing point Berestovitsa - 85 km on the road -99.
  2. The international crossing point Peschatka - 68 km on the road P-98.
Queues on the border. The average waiting time is 0.5 to 2 hours. Queues in point are seasonal in nature and depend on day of week and time of day. You can also use the closest points, preview the queues at the border in online mode.

All checkpoints across the state border of the Republic of Belarus

Location Checkpoint Pererov - Belovezha on the map:

Look Checkpoint Pererov - Belovezha Belarus - Poland on the map

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