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Health resorts of Belarus.by - Outpatients card - Health resorts in Belarus price 2021
Health resorts in Belarus

Outpatients card

Outpatients card for SPA-treatment.

Attention! The following information is very important! The treatment in spa-organizations of the Republic of Belarus is based on the outpatient's card.
All diseases in the Outpatient's card are written according to International Classification of Diseases in the form of code. This code is universal in any country of the world. That means that outpatient's card can be used in any health resort of any country.

In exceptional cases in some health resorts which have special medical-diagnostic laboratories outpatient's card can be registered. You'll need: ambulance card or case record, fluorography, gynaecology examination.

If you decide to make an outpatient's card in the health resort, please remember:

  • The process will take from 2 to 3 days. During those days the treatment couldn't be taken because there are no tests results. When people come before the week-ends (Friday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday) without the card, they will have the doctor's appointment only on Monday. As the result they lose four days of treatment.
  • there are diseases which can be treated in the health resorts and warnings for the treatment. There are a lot of cases when people come to health resorts according to the sympotms they have. After the examination the diseases may not be proved. As the result, the person comes to health resort to get the treatment but he can't because there are warnings for the treatment.


  1. The main criteria for treatment in the health resorts of the Republic of Belarus are:
    • precribed treatment based on natural factors;
    • the absence of warnings for treatment;
    • the presence of natural resources on the territory of the health resorts.
  2. The doctor makes the prescriptions for spa-treatment based on the following information:
    • the results of previous treatment;
    • the results of tests (laboratory, functional, X-ray, etc);
    • the list of warnings for spa-treatment based on the state of health;
  3. Children are admitted to health resorts of the Republic of Belarus from 3 years old. They will need the proof of contact absence with contagious patients.

Doctor should prescribe the following diagnostic studies and doctors' consultations:

  • clinical blood test and urine analysis;
  • electrocardiographic examination;
  • X-ray of chest organs (fluorography);
  • allergic tests and other additional researches according to health resort;
  • gynaecologist conclusion;
  • psychotherapist conclusion (if with mental disorder).

With other concomitant diseases they should be reflected in the outpatient's card.

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