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Health resorts of Belarus.by - Video reviews of health resorts of Belarus - Health resorts in Belarus price 2020
Health resorts in Belarus

Video reviews of health resorts of Belarus

Video reviews of health resorts of Belarus from Sanatorii.by - is an excellent material for preparing for the trip, which will help to form a general idea of the place of rest, feel its atmosphere, learn about the features and get useful tips. Our video reviews not only allow you to get a lot of useful information in an easy and affordable way, but they will certainly help you choose health resort for a great vacation!

Creative team of the Belarusian tour operator PRPUE Automated Tourism Technologies regularly goes to Belarusian health resorts for shooting of video reviews of health resorts. Videographers, director and charming main character, spend one day in each health resort in order to show the audience show fully how treatment, nutrition and leisure are organized in it. So in each video review of health resort of Belarus You will see:

  • Check in and review of room
    Having received the cherished room keys, our host conducts a thorough review of the room, paying attention to the presence of electrical appliances - a kettle, iron, hairdryer, the location of sockets, comfortability of beds, the presence of a balcony and a view from the window, as well as other nuances that are important for a comfortable stay.

  • Medical treatment
    High-quality treatment is the main goal of guests who come to health resorts, that is why the bulk of our video reviews is dedicated to medical procedures. Having received a doctors appointment to receive medical procedures, we go to medical offices. You will see with what they are equipped and how the medical staff works. We will show you the best and most popular health resort procedures, tell you what health resort specializes in and what health resort services it is worth paying attention to.

  • Meals
    Meals in health resort is an important element of our video reviews, because the quality of cooking, it's diversity, the ability to take into account individual diets and wishes is one of the main criteria for choosing a health resort. Film crew of Sanatorii.by will show you how meals are organized and what dishes are served to holidaymakers on the example of one day of rest in a health resort.

  • Leisure
    From our reviews you will find out what besides treatment health resorts of Belarus can offer their guests. We visit entertainment programs and discos, study the variety of infrastructure and offers of rental points. Cycling, rollerblading and skiing, outdoor games on sports fields, sauna and swimming in the pool - rest in the health resort can be rich and varied.

  • Interviews and reviews
    In our reviews of health resorts of Belarus, we interview doctors, managers of health resorts or heads of booking departments who will tell about health benefits at health resort, its advantages and features. Holidaymakers themselves will share their impressions about the rest in our videos about the health resort, many of whom return here again ang again and are happy to talk about their relaxation experiences and treatment results.

  • Aerial survey of health resort
    Video reviews of Sanatorii.by will also feature beautiful shots taken from a bird's eye view! Aerial photography of the health reosrt allows you to evaluate the size of the health resort, the location of buildings and infrastructure, as well as enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

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