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Aerotherapy (aeris - air; therapia - medical care , treatment) - a method of treatment and prevention using fresh air, prolonged exposure to the open air, taking air baths.

There are several types of aerotherapy:

  • air baths - air acts on the naked body for a short time;
  • veranda treatment - carried out in open areas, in special pavilions, lasts a long time, up to several hours;
  • walking or measured walking.

It has positive effects on the body. During air baths there is an active effect on the nerve endings of the skin, toning the skin, helping to improve blood circulation and heat exchange. Veranda treatment has a gentler effect on the body, but is no less effective due to the duration of the treatment. Aerotherapy also helps to activate lung ventilation, stimulates heart function, the composition of the blood is renewed and, as a result, blood pressure is stabilized, the functioning of the cardiovascular system is normalized, and sleep improves.

Even this procedure has contraindications. Those who suffer from neuritis, myositis, exacerbation of chronic rheumatism, acute fever, etc. should refuse aerotherapy.

Aerotherapy in the health resorts of Belarus:

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