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Medical diagnostics - Endoscopy


Endoscopy - one of the most informative modern diagnostic methods that can detect a wide range of diseases even at an early stage.
Flexible plastic or metal tubes with lighting and optical system - endoscopes and even capsules with microscopic cameras are used for procedures. With the help of such optical instruments it is possible to examine the internal hollow organs, introduce medicines and even remove formations.
The main advantage of endoscopy in comparison with other modern diagnostic methods is the ability to take a tissue for further research. In addition, sometimes endoscopy can be used instead of cavitary surgeries.
This type of diagnosis is used to examine the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, colon and respiratory organs.
Usually the procedure is carrying out under local anesthesia or by intramuscular injection of antispasmodics.

Endoscopy in the health resorts of Belarus

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