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Health resorts of Belarus.by - Rheoencephalography - Health resorts in Belarus price 2024
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Medical diagnostics - Rheoencephalography


Rheoencephalography (REG) - noninvasive method for studying the vascular system of the brain, based on the record alters the electrical resistance of tissue by passing them through a weak electrical current of high frequency.
Reoentsefalograficheskoe study allows to get objective information about the tone, elasticity of the wall and the reactivity of brain vessels, peripheral vascular resistance, amount of pulsatile blood flow. Advantages of the method - its relative simplicity, the possibility for research in virtually any environment and for a long time to obtain separate information on the status of the arterial and venous systems in the brain and intracranial vessels of different diameters.
When computer REG reoentsefalogrammy analysis is performed using a computer.

Rheoencephalography in the health resorts of Belarus

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