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Diets - Diet P

Diets according to ICD-10

  1. Diet B91
  2. Diet D53
  3. Diet M41
  4. Diet N51
  5. Diet P77
  6. Diet T2
General description of the diets

Diet P

Brief description of the medical diet P in health resorts of Belarus

General characteristics of chemical composition and its food basket:
    The physiologically complete diet that mechanically, chemically and thermally spares the digestive organs of a patient. The diet is based on the exclusion from the ration of a patient the foodstuff that can sufficiently increase the amount of gastric juice, and contain extractives, spices, cellulose.
Main aim of prescription:
    Creating of favorable conditions for the normalization of functioning of the digestion system of a patient.
Main indications for prescription:
    Acute conditions of chronic diseases of gastro-intestinal tract, liver, pancreas.
Chemical composition and energy value:
    Protein - 90 - 100 g (60% - animal).
    Fats - 80 - 90 (30% - vegetable fat).
    Carbohydrates - 400 - 450 g (70 - 80 g of sugar).
    Calorie - 2800 - 2900 kcal.
    Free fluid - 1.5 - 2.0 l.
    Sodium chloride - 10 g.
Basic cooking techniques:
    Food is boiled, baked or steamed.
Meal schedule:
    Separate, 4 - 6 times a day.
Foodstuff characteristic and cooking techniques:
    A low-fat broth, a broth with cream, a fruit and berry kissel, jelly.
Close analogue of numbering system:
    Diet 5 *.

* In cases of chewing and swallowing disorders, coma states after undergoing dentofacial and neck surgeries the diet P can be prepared in liquid way or be replaced by tube feeding.

Diet P in the health resorts of Belarus

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