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Diets - Diet T

Diets according to ICD-10

  1. Diet B91
  2. Diet D53
  3. Diet M41
  4. Diet N51
  5. Diet P77
  6. Diet T2
General description of the diets

Diet T

Brief description of medical diet T in health resorts of Belarus

General characteristics of chemical composition and its food basket:
    The diet with high calorie value, with increased content of animal proteins, minerals and vitamins.
Main aim of prescription:
    Improvement of the digestive functions, increasing of the protective forces of a patient's organism, strengthening of the recovery processes in the affected organ.
Main indications for prescription:
Chemical composition and energy value:
    Proteins - 110 - 130 g (60% of them - animal proteins).
    Fats - 100 - 120 g (of them 20 - 25% - plant).
    Carbohydrates - 400 - 450 g.
    Calories - 3000 - 3400 kcal.
    Free fluid - 1.5 l.
    Sodium chlorides - 15 g.
Basic cooking techniques:
    Food is boiled, baked or steamed. Food served as a second course is boiled meat or fish. In some cases it allowed to fry meat or fish after boiling.
Meal schedule:
    Separate, 4 - 5 times a day.
Close analogue of numbering system:
    Diet 11 *.

* Diet T is prepared on the basis of the norms of the average daily set of products nutrition for one patient in tuberculosis hospitals (departments), sanatorium-resort organizations of the TB profile approved resolution of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus of January 14 2003 N 2.

Diet T in the health resorts of Belarus

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