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News : Diagnostic programs for men and women in the health resort Vesta

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health resort Vesta

Diagnostic programs for men and women in the health resort Vesta

Health resort Vesta does not stop and continues to make the rest of its guests more pleasant and healthy. New five-day diagnostic programs for women and men have been introduced at the health resort, which allow you to undergo a comprehensive examination and get information about the state of the body.

In the health resort Vesta especially for a comprehensive examination of the body and identifying the causes of health problems new diagnostic programs for women and men were developed.

During the five-day program, vacationers will be able to undergo consultation and diagnostics at health resort, after the diagnosis, procedures will be appointed for them. Correct and timely diagnosis - the key to the appointment of effective treatment and speedy recovery.

Read more about medical programs and medical treatment in health resort Vesta you can on it's page.

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Latest news health resort Vesta

Endocrinologist at health resort Vesta


Health resort Vesta is in a hurry to tell vacationers the good news. In the health resort endocrinologist has appeared, which deals with issues of detection, treatment, and prevention of problems and diseases of the endocrine system.


Early Booking Promotion 2020 at the health resort Vesta


Early booking of tours for January - April 2020 in the health resort Vesta! Book tours until April 30, 2020 now with a good discount 10%. Planning your vacation in the health resort Vesta in advance is always beneficial!

The promotion is valid from 01-November-2019 to 24-February-2020


Unique equipment for examination otolaryngology in the health resort Vesta


Diseases of the ear, throat and nose are among the most common diseases, and the main thing in their treatment is timely diagnosis. Now in health resort Vesta You have an opportunity to undergo a diagnostic examination on ultramodern multifunctional medical equipment.


First health resort category is assigned to health resort Vesta


First health resort category is assigned to health resort Vesta! High quality medical services, qualified staff, an excellent level of leisure activities - all this you can find in the health resort.


Diagnostics of the lungs in the heath resort Vesta


Do you have any difficulties with breathing? Take a research of the functioning of the lungs and respiratory organs - spirography. In the heath resort Vesta this diagnostics allows to determine about two dozens of parameters characterizing the state of the lungs and upper respiratory organs.



Health resort Vesta Minsk region informs:
From August 20, 2019 the health resort begins the construction of a new multifunctional complex with a swimming pool, a spa area, a cinema, an outdoor terrace, a dance floor and a games area. The construction platform is located near cottages and sport and wellness building 1. The end of construction work is scheduled for autumn 2020.
The administration of the health resort apologizes for the inconvenience.

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