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Health resorts of Belarus.by - Diagnostics of the lungs in the heath resort Vesta - health resort Vesta - News 10-August-2019 - Health resorts in Belarus price 2020
Health resorts in Belarus

News : Diagnostics of the lungs in the heath resort Vesta

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health resort Vesta

Diagnostics of the lungs in the heath resort Vesta

Do you have any difficulties with breathing? Take a research of the functioning of the lungs and respiratory organs - spirography. In the heath resort Vesta this diagnostics allows to determine about two dozens of parameters characterizing the state of the lungs and upper respiratory organs.

If you suffer from prolonged causeless cough or bronchial asthma, if you are an experienced smoker, or simply have shortness of breath and a feeling of air lack, take a diagnostics of the functional state of the lungs and respiratory organs.
Spirography is a completely painless non-invasive diagnostic method that is used to diagnose diseases and confirm the diagnosis of people with pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

Spirography in the heath resort Vesta allows to study the movement of air through the respiratory tract, its distribution in the lungs and the dynamics of transfer of gases from air to blood. As a rule, diagnostics is carried out in the morning or afternoon, 2 hours after a light breakfast. Before starting the research, you should rest for 15 minutes, and for 2 hours stop smoking.

Read more about treatment and room and rates in the health resort Vesta on ites web-page.

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Latest news health resort Vesta


Health resort Vesta Minsk region informs:
Between from September 21 to October 9, 2020 due to vocation the doctor-reflexologist will not accept patients. The administration of the health resort apologizes for temporary inconvenience.


Autumn discounts in the sanatorium Vesta


Special autumn offer from sanatorium Vesta: for single accommodation in a health resort on any health-improving vouchers during the period from September 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020 comfortable category rooms Double in building 1A will be implemented with discount 25%!

The promotion is valid from 01-September-2020 to 30-November-2020


Incredible bonuses from the Health resort Vesta


Health resort Vesta is distinguished by unprecedented generosity in relation to its guests! That is why the autumn vacation in the health resort will give you not only additional procedures , but also a good discount!


Early Booking Promotion 2020 at the health resort Vesta


Early booking of tours for October - December 2020 in the health resort Vesta! Book tours until December 27, 2020 now with a good discount 10%. Planning your vacation in the health resort Vesta in advance is always beneficial!

The promotion is valid from 11-August-2020 to 31-October-2020


New program - Clean breath in the health resort Vesta


Its not a secret to anyone that during the spread of viral infections and, in general, the pollution of urban air, the question of lung health raises sharply. Health resort Vesta Minsk Region comprehensively approached this issue and developed a new medical program for their guests - Clean breathing.


Formula of slimness from health resort Vesta


Are you ready for summer? Health resort Vesta Minsk Region will help in a short time, those who didnt have time to do this. Indeed, specially for this, the sanatoriums specialists prepared a comprehensive program for losing weight - Formula of slimness.

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