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News : Examination of cerebral vessels in the health resort Naroch

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health resort Naroch

Examination of cerebral vessels in the health resort Naroch

Now you can do ultrasound examination of brachiocephalic vessels in the health resort Naroch. This highly effective diagnostic method allows you to detect pathologies and take timely measures to eliminate problems.

Ultrasound examination of brachiocephalic vessels is a highly effective diagnostic method that allows you to detect the full range of structural neck vascular pathology that supplies the brain with blood. Now this type of research is available in the health resort Naroch.

Brachiocephalic ultrasound is recommended in the following situations:

  • significant difference in blood pressure on both hands;
  • frequent headaches, loss of consciousness, dizziness;
  • frequent sensation of darkening in the eyes or the presence of flies and ripples in front of the eyes when turning the head or a sharp change in body position;
  • lower memory;
  • to patients with various pathologies of cerebral circulation;
  • in the presence of epileptic seizures.

To read more about medical treatment and room and rates in the health resort You can on the relevant sections on its web-page.

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