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Health resorts of Belarus.by - Useful bonuses at the health resort Priozerny - health resort Priozerny - News 01-November-2019 - Health resorts in Belarus price 2020
Health resorts in Belarus

Action : Useful bonuses at the health resort Priozerny

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health resort Priozerny

Useful bonuses at the health resort Priozerny

Incredibly healthy bonuses for guests from the health resort Priozerny! All vacationers with tours without treatment are provided with free access to the pool and gym every other day, and for children - free pool daily!

The health resort Priozerny takes care for health of all its guests, even those who come to rest without treatment. All guests of the health resort who buy tours without treatment will fully enjoy the wonderful aquazone of the health resort Priozerny using the bonuses:

  • for adults and children up 12 years old - free pool and gym every other day (session 1 hour);
  • children under 11 years old - free pool daily (1 hour session).

Swimming helps to strengthen immunity, gain athletic fitness, improve blood circulation and the work of the respiratory system, as well as relieve stress. Gym visits helps to make body even more attractive. The special benefitd swimming has for children, it is not only an acceleration of growth and a beautiful posture, but also the prevention of colds, as well as the improvement of appetite, sleep and metabolic processes in the body.

Don't miss such advantageous offers! Hurry to choose a suitable room and book a tour!

Read more about the infrastructure and rooms and rates you can on the web-page of the health resort in the relevant sections.

The promotion is valid from 18-October-2019 to 19-March-2020
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