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Health resorts of Belarus.by - Hippotherapy as a gift in the health resort Solnechny - health resort Solnechny - News 04-November-2019 - Health resorts in Belarus price 2020
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Action : Hippotherapy as a gift in the health resort Solnechny

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health resort Solnechny

Hippotherapy as a gift in the health resort Solnechny

Special offer is valid in the health resort «Solnechny». If You buy 3 hippotherapy treatments, You get the 4th as a gift!This offer is for those who take a trip of 14 days or more!

The most intelligent, beautiful, wonderful animal - the horse - is already by nature designed to serve man and interact harmoniously for the benefit of health. It is proved that hippotherapy is very effective for improving the emotional state and General condition of the body. Feel the healing and aesthetic effect of communicating with horses is given the opportunity in the health resort «Solnechny»!
Only from December 1 to December 21, 2019 if you purchase 3 hippotherapy procedures - you get an additional 4th procedure as a gift! Book your trip now!

Read more about «Rooms and rates», and Medical treatment in the health resort «Solnechny» You can on his page in relevant sections.

The promotion is valid from 01-December-2019 to 21-December-2019

New cosmetology services in the health resort Solnechny


Cosmetologists of the health resort «Solnechny» have prepared two new products for their guests - a popular and effective procedure of ultrasonic facial cleansing, as well as phonoionophoresis. The procedures will not only eliminate skin imperfections, but also give a healthy fresh look.


New medical program in health resort Solnechny


Health resort «Solnechny» has developed new medical program «Restorative treatment for overweight deforming osteoarthrosis». The program will help to improve muscle circulation, increase cartilage nutrition, reduce joint pain, and reduce excess weight.


Discounts on extra beds in cottages in the health resort Solnechny


Family rest at competitive prices! Health resorts «Solnechny» knows a lot about planning family budget and offers guests huge discounts on extra beds in cottages - for arrivals until March 14, 2020 save from 50 to 90%! Great option for your family!

The promotion is valid from 09-January-2020 to 14-March-2020


Special offer in health resort Solnechny


Health resort «Solnechny» is in a hurry to please tourists at the beginning of the new year with pleasant offers! Health resort gives 5% discount when booking the whole block in main building and nice gifts to young vacationers! Relaxing with additional health benefits in health resort «Solnechny» - doubly great.

The promotion is valid from 14-January-2020 to 14-March-2020


Mesotherapy in the health resort Solnechny


Another novelty of health resort «Solnechny» in the field of cosmetology services! We are talking about the procedure «Mesotherapy with a multivitamin cocktail». By their action, mesococtails for the face resemble magical elixirs, which make it possible to get younger quickly.


Procedures as a gift in the health resort Solnechny


Everyone likes gifts, and if it is also healthy, then it is doubly nice!Health resort «Solnechny» decided to give you a pleasant surprise: when you purchase a tour for the period from January 9 to February 29, 2020, you will be able to receive a compressive therapy procedure as a gift!

The promotion is valid from 09-January-2020 to 29-February-2020


Correction of functional facial wrinkles in the health resort Solnechny


A new procedure - correction of functional facial wrinkles based on botulinum toxin - has been appeared in the health resort «Solnechny». As a result of this procedure, small, medium wrinkles and deep furrows disappear like in an instant a magic wand!

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