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Health resorts of Belarus.by - Neoplasms - Health resorts in Belarus price 2024
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Directions of the treatment - Neoplasms


The list of medical indications and contraindications for rehabilitation in the RCMR of medical rehabilitation Gorodische

  1. Condition after treatment (surgical, combined, complex): diseases of a mammary gland, disease of bodies of the female sexual sphere
  2. Conditions after surgery of new growths of bodies of the gastrointestinal highway: subtotal resection of a stomach, gastrektomiya, pankreato-duodenal resection, resection of a liver, gullet operation
  3. Conditions after transplantation of a liver, a pancreas, cells of endocrine glands
  4. The complications developing after surgical treatment of diseases of a thyroid gland and parathyroid glands, primary postoperative hypothyroidism, primary postoperative hypoparathyroidism, a post-traumatic disfoniya, post-traumatic neuropathies
  5. Other diseases demanding active rehabilitation actions
  1. 4th clinical group of the oncological dispensary account
  2. 3rd clinical group of the oncological dispensary account at suspicion on recurrence of a disease or tumor metastasises
  3. Syndrome of a bringing loop, dumping - and a hypoglycemic syndrome of heavy degree
  4. Atoniya stomach cult
  5. Heavy form of postvagotomichesky diarrhea
  6. Not healed postoperative wound
  7. Inflammatory infiltrate of a belly wall
  8. Abscesses of an abdominal cavity
  9. Chronic (progressing hepatitis of any etiology)
  10. Cirrhosis
  11. Absolutely adverse oncological forecast
  12. Needs in active special treatment
  13. Condition on the eve of or right after carrying out a course of radioiodine therapy (a deep hypothyroidism, an ekskretion of radoaktivny iodine)
  14. Stenosis of a throat of the 3rd degree
  15. Condition of a kliniko-hormonal decompensation, bradycardia to 50 beats per minute, the expressed myopathy, a neyropatiya
  16. Inability to independent movement (except a cane) and to service
  17. Chronic diseases in a stage of an aggravation (decompensation)
  18. Sharp inflammatory (purulent) processes
  19. Feverish conditions of not clear etiology
  20. Acute infectious diseases before the termination of term of isolation
  21. Persons which were in contact with mkb_10 infectious diseases in the period of their infectivity for the term of the maximum incubatory period of this disease
  22. Blood diseases in a sharp stage, hemoblastosis
  23. Dermatovenereal diseases in a sharp or infectious stage
  24. All forms of tuberculosis in an active stage
  25. Psychological frustration in a decompensation stage
  26. The expressed violations intellectual mnemonic functions
  27. Cardiovascular insufficiency, kidney, hepatic, pulmonary insufficiency of the II art. above
  28. High, not corriguler arterial hypertension
  29. The enuresis, accompanying disorders of function of the pelvic bodies, all types sty

The list of medical indications and contraindications for rehabilitation in the republican hospital of medical rehabilitation for children Ostroshickij gorodok

  1. Malignant new growths of various localization at achievement of remission
  2. Good-quality new growths
  3. Sharp and chronic leukoses at achievement of remission; malignant leyfomy, including lymphogranulomatosis
The list of the diseases groups at ICD-10:
  1. Pantsitopeniya after a chemotherapy course
  2. Sharp diseases - before recovery
  3. Chronic diseases in stages of an aggravation and a heavy course of disease
  4. Infectious and parasitic diseases - before recovery and the termination of term of isolation
  5. Bronchial asthma, heavy current
  6. Tuberculosis of various localization
  7. Diseases of respiratory organs with the phenomena of respiratory insufficiency of 2-3 degrees
  8. Convulsive attacks and their equivalents
  9. Mental disorders and behavior frustration
  10. Diabetes
  11. Other diseases of endocrine system, disorder of a food and metabolic disorder - in a decompensation stage
  12. Conditions after the operations, the first three months after surgery

Neoplasms in the health resorts of Belarus:

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